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I. shop shop 1 [ʆɒp ǁ ʆɑːp] noun [countable]
1. COMMERCE a building or part of a building where goods are sold to the public; = store AmE:

• The shops close at 5.30.

• a clothes shop

ˈbucket shop
1. FINANCE a dishonest stockbroking firm that uses its clients' money to buy high-risk stocks and Commodities
2. informal COMMERCE TRAVEL a business that sells cheap tickets for air travel:

• He got the cheap one-way ticket in a bucket shop.

co-ˈoperative ˌshop COMMERCE
a shop owned and run by a group of people as a co-operative ; = CO-OP; , CO-OPERATIVE STORE AmE:

• Burton used to work behind the counter at the town's co-operative shop.

ˈcorner ˌshop COMMERCE
a small shop on a street where people live rather than in a town centre, that sells things that are needed every day such as food and newspapers
ˈfactory shop
COMMERCE a shop where people can buy slightly damaged goods for less money than the goods would cost in normal shops
ˈmobile shop COMMERCE
a large vehicle that has been changed into a shop and is driven from place to place:

• a mobile shop selling groceries and newspapers

2. MANUFACTURING a place where things are made or repaired:

• a repair shop

a business, for example a small factory, that produces a particular quantity of goods only when it receives an order for them:

• They aim to be a superior job shop producing high value, specialty products.

maˈchine shop
1. also machine room MANUFACTURING the place in a factory where products are made using machines:

• One or two grinders in the machine shop have excessive maintenance costs.

• The new equipment was delivered and located in the East machine room.

2. a company, often a small one, that makes things using machines:

• The new products will target machine shops and manufacturers of electrical equipment.

the area in a car factory where cars are painted:

• Two production days were lost as the result of a fire in the paint shop.

3. set up shop informal COMMERCE to start a business:

• Firms can get grants to set up shop in the area.

4. talk shop to talk about things that are connected to your work, especially in a way that other people find boring:

• a group of salespeople talking shop

— see also closed shop
  [m0] II. shop shop 2 verb shopped PTandPPX shopping PRESPARTX [intransitive] COMMERCE
1. to go to one or more shops to buy things:
shop for

• She went down town to shop for groceries.

shop at

• Almost two-thirds of Americans shop at a convenience store at least once a week.

2. go shopping to go to one or more shops to buy things, usually clothes, for enjoyment:

• Young kids don't have the money, but they go shopping with Mom.

shop around phrasal verb [intransitive]
to compare the price and quality of different things before you decide what to buy:
shop around for

• Shop around for the best interest rates.

— see also shopping

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shop UK US /ʃɒp/ noun [C]
UK COMMERCE a place where people go to buy things: »

Our village shop sells mostly food and magazines.


For more great bargains, visit our online shop!


a book/clothes/shoe shop

Compare STORE(Cf. ↑store) noun
COMMERCE, PRODUCTION a place where particular things are made or repaired: »

All our delivery bicycles are regularly checked in the repair shop.

be in the shops — Cf. be in the shops
mind the shop — Cf. mind the shop
set up shop — Cf. set up shop
talk shop — Cf. talk shop
See also BODY SHOP(Cf. ↑body shop), BUCKET SHOP(Cf. ↑bucket shop), CLOSED SHOP(Cf. ↑closed shop), CORNER SHOP(Cf. ↑corner shop), FACTORY OUTLET(Cf. ↑factory outlet), GIFT SHOP(Cf. ↑gift shop), JOB SHOP(Cf. ↑job shop), MACHINE SHOP(Cf. ↑machine shop), MOBILE SHOP(Cf. ↑mobile shop), ONE-STOP(Cf. ↑one-stop)
See Note STORE(Cf. ↑store)
shop UK US /ʃɒp/ verb (-pp-) COMMERCE
[I] to buy things, especially from stores: »

The new shopping mall is designed for people who love to shop.

shop for sth »

She's always shopping for bargains.


We usually shop at the local supermarket.

shop with sb/sth »

Only shop with companies that offer a full after-sales service.


Most people go shopping at the weekend.

[T] US INFORMAL if you shop a company, you try to make people interested in buying it: »

Management is shopping the company.

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